About Sally

Hello! I’m Sally Corfield, an authorised Civil Celebrant, Civil Partnership Notary and JP (Qual), performing marriage, commitment and civil partnership, across Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland.

I’m a friendly, easy-going, modern and professional full-time celebrant with a love for creating personal, modern, light-hearted, relaxed and intimate ceremonies for couples who are after something really personal and a little less formal and traditional.

I love ceremonies, but more importantly I love what they symbolise… the commitment, the love, the promises… the first moments of the rest of your lives as husband and wife (or wife and wife/ husband and husband)!

I love that each couple I meet is unique – you’ve travelled your own path to get to this point in your life. You have your own personal reasons and expectations for your marriage, your own ideals and values and your own vision for your ceremony and wedding.

And I really do love being a Celebrant!

I am a big believer in love, regardless of gender, and I 100% support marriage equality. In an ideal world, we’d all be free to marry our soul mate, regardless of gender. I have my fingers crossed that our government and fellow Australians will one day very soon accept and legislate gay marriage, so this can finally happen. Until then, I am honoured to officiate at Civil Partnership declaration ceremonies and same-sex commitment ceremonies!

Choosing the right celebrant for your ceremony is a big decision! It’s important you choose someone you and your fiance feel comfortable and confident with, someone who will listen to what you want, guide you, inspire you, ease your nerves on the day, engage your guests and ultimately create and deliver your perfect ceremony – whatever that may be!

A great ceremony should really reflect who you are as a couple, engage your guests and set the tone for your whole wedding.

Invest in a professional, experienced and highly regarded celebrant for the most important part of your big day!

Let’s create the perfect ceremony for your perfect day!

I understand the importance of celebrating your uniqueness and I would love the chance to get to know you and work with you to create a ceremony that celebrates and reflects your love, life and commitment to your future together.

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