Sorry, I’m no longer taking new bookings.

Thank you for your support through the years!

After much soul searching, I have made the big decision to say goodbye to ‘Celebrant-ing’ at the end of 2019…

2019 marks 14 years since I first began in the wedding industry… way back in 2005 when my Mum and I started a wedding hire and styling business and eventually opened a showroom, fulfilling a long held dream of owning our own business.

What a rollercoaster ride that time was – both professionally and personally, and by the time we closed that business 7 years later, I was disillusioned with love and I really thought that was the end of weddings (and love, for that matter) for me.

But, the universe had other plans…

Enter, Dan, my now handsome husband (and then, handsome man I had just met on the internet…) and almost overnight, everything changed.

We married 18 months later, and not long after that, an opportunity popped up through a very good friend, to temp at the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages…. in their wedding department as a celebrant!

Now, anyone who knew me in high school would have told you I was not a public speaker, and it took all of my courage not to run when I performed my first ceremony at the Registry Office. But with each new ceremony, I became a little more confident and before long, I was loving it!

What an amazing moment to be a part of, no matter how small or simple, as two people promised to share their lives together and love each other forever… I was hooked!

When I left the Registry Office a year later when our 4th child was born, I knew being a celebrant was something I wanted to continue doing, and so I started my own Celebrant business.

What was going to be a little hobby on the side, quickly turned into a growing and successful business!

The past 5 years have been amazing. I have absolutely loved being a celebrant and have felt so very privilged to have been welcomed into all of your lives, albeit for just a short time.

To the couples who allowed me to officiate as they made lifelong promises of commitment to each other, thank you…

To the families, who welcomed me as we publicly acknowledged and welcomed their new little bundles of joy into their lives, thank you…

And to those special people who allowed me to share stories of their loved ones and pay respect to their lives as we said goodbye and laid their souls to rest.. thank you.

I am not sure what lies ahead after the end of 2019, but I am so excited for new opportunities and possibilites. As hard as it is to say goodbye to the Wedding Industry, it feels right.

I have 15 more ceremonies this year before I close my business and, as I have been for each and every wedding over the past 14 years, I am 100% dedicated to ensuring each of these weddings is as perfect as possible.

I have and never will take for granted the enormity of what a special moment each and every wedding is… your wedding is one of the most important moments of your life and you will never just be a number to me.

So, to the 15 couples I will marry this year, I am so excited for your ceremony – thank you for the privilege of letting me play a part in your special day.

Unfortunately, I will not be taking any new bookings now. I appreciate all the referrals and recommendations that have been sent my way – it means so much.

Thank you for all of your support over the years!

As I have said time and time again at ceremonies… and aptly applies here… ‘I wouldn’t be who I am without you all!’

Love Sally xx

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I understand the importance of celebrating your uniqueness and I would love the chance to get to know you and work with you to create a ceremony that celebrates and reflects your love, life and commitment to your future together.

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